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Constitution of the Utah City/County Management Association
April 1993
Revised April 2004

Revised September 2014

Revised April 2018


The name of this organization shall be Utah City/County Management Association.


The purpose of this association shall be to increase the knowledge and ability of local government administrators and managers, to promote the exchange of information between members, to support the functions and aims of the association, and to promote the concept of professional local government management.


The officers of this association shall be a president, vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, an education chair, a legislative chair, and three board members. The immediate past president shall be an ex officio member of the board. Except as otherwise provided, all officers shall be qualified active members, as defined in Article VII. In addition, the president and vice-president shall maintain membership in the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).  The legislative chair must be an employee of a city or town that is a voting member in good standing with the Utah League of Cities and Town (ULCT).   All other officers must either be Full or Cooperating members of this association (UCMA), as defined by Sections 1 and 2 of Article VII. Board members shall serve two-year staggered terms, or until their successors are elected and qualified; or upon the retirement of the incumbent from active service as a qualified member, in which event the resulting vacancy is to be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The secretary, treasurer, education chair and legislative chair shall serve four-year staggered terms. The president, vice-president, and past-president shall serve one-year terms. Regional contacts shall be considered ex-officio members of the Board and shall serve three-year terms.


In the event that any UCMA officer resigns or is terminated from his/her city, town, county, association of governments, or metro-township employment, he/she shall either resign from the UCMA board position held or petition within 30 days to complete the term of office. If the individual does not petition for completion of his/her term within 30 days, or the Board does not approve the petition, then a vacancy occurs. In the event of a vacancy, the president or, in the event of his/her vacancy, the vice-president shall appoint, with the approval of the remaining Executive Board, a qualified person to serve in the vacated capacity until the next UCMA business meeting.




The Executive Board will consist of nine persons: the president, the vice-president, the secretary, the treasurer, the education chair, the legislative chair and three board members.




The president shall appoint with the approval of the Executive Board such standing committees as the majority of said Executive Board may deem advisable.

Legislative Committee – In addition to the legislative chair’s primary responsibility of providing representation from the UCMA to the ULCT and thereby assisting the ULCT Board with continuity of governance and a professional municipal management prospective, the legislative chair shall also coordinate the efforts of, and provide leadership to, the UCMA legislative committee.




Section 1 - At each spring conference, the association shall elect the officers enumerated in Article III. Any receiving a majority of all votes cast for any office shall be declared elected. Elected officers shall begin their terms at the annual fall convention of the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

Section 2 - Nominations shall be made by a nominating committee of not less than three members appointed by the president with the approval of the majority of the Executive Board in attendance. Announcement of members appointed to the Nominating Committee shall be made to all members of the Association at least two weeks in advance of the annual election.


Section 3 - At the time the Nominating Committee makes the nomination for each elective office, additional nominations may be made from the floor.


Section 4 - Names may be placed upon the ballot by petition. These petitions are to be signed by at least five active members in good standing and presented to the president who shall hand the petition to the Nominating Committee prior to the convening of the business meeting.


Section 5 - Only those members who meet the qualifications set forth in Article III shall be considered nominated by the committee or from the floor.


Section 6 - It shall be the intent and responsibility of the Nominating Committee to encourage broad representation on the Executive Board by presenting nominees from geographically diverse areas which best represents the distribution of active membership in the state.




Section 1 - FULL MEMBER: Any person who by the nature of his/her duties, regardless of official title, is the chief appointed official and carries out the administrative affairs of a city, county, or association of governments shall be eligible for full membership in UCMA; or assistants or department directors or similar who have significant administrative duties and report to a chief appointed official that meets the job criteria for joining. These individuals shall become full members upon payment of the annual membership fee and shall be eligible to vote on UCMA matters.

Section 2 – COOPERATING MEMBER:  Any person who serves in a city in which the voters have adopted the council-mayor form of government or in a county and who is appointed by one or more elected officials and for whom there is an express expectation that the person will be involved in political and electoral activities may be designated a cooperating member by the Executive Board after submitting a petition to be so designated.  These individuals shall become Cooperating Members upon approval of the Executive Board and payment of the annual membership fee and shall be eligible to vote on UCMA matters.

Section 3 - AFFILIATE MEMBER: Any person who works for a city, town, county, association of governments, or metro-township who is in a role other than those described in Section 1; any student or employee of a higher education institution; or any person working for a non-profit organization who cooperates with municipal governments in the advancement of their professional role and practice and all other persons who are interested in the objectives of UCMA shall be eligible for Affiliate Membership. These individuals shall become Affiliate Members upon payment of the annual membership fee.

Section 4 - EMERITUS MEMBER: Any person retired from local government service, having held a position congruent with the duties/responsibilities described in Sections 1, 2, and 3 of this Article.


Section 1 - CODE OF ETHICS: In order to realize the mission of UCMA to promote professional local government management and ensure/protect the integrity of the profession, UCMA members, other than designated cooperating members, shall govern their conduct in accordance with the ICMA code of ethics and its associated guidelines.  Cooperating members shall not be subject to Tenet VII of the ICMA code of ethics but shall be subject to all other tenets of the code.

Section 2 - PETITIONS FOR COOPERATING MEMBER STATUS:  A member of UCMA who desires to be designated as a cooperating member, thereby being exempt from Tenet VII of the code, shall petition the Executive Board to be so designated.  Such petition shall be submitted by letter from the member to the board chair requesting such designation and shall state therein that (1) the member qualifies for such designation under Article VII of these bylaws and (2) that the member is part of a city of county with a qualifying form of government and (3) that the appointing authority for the member has formally confirmed in writing the requirement that the member be involved in political or electoral activity that would conflict with Tenet VII of the code.  The Executive Board in its sole discretion shall accept or reject the petition of the member so petitioning within 60 days after receiving the petition.


The Executive Board shall have authority to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member that in its judgment may be proper in order to maintain the professional standards of the association. Specifically, the Executive Board shall appoint an ethics committee to investigate, determine the nature of the violation (if any), and issue a report to the Executive Board relative to their findings, including a recommended response/disciplinary action.


Section 1 - Members shall pay dues as provided by the Executive Board.

Section 2 - Any member whose dues are in arrears for a period of six months shall be suspended from membership and notified in writing of his suspension.

Section 3 – Unemployed members in transition, who are in good standing with the UCMA, may continue their UCMA membership and attendance at UCMA conferences at no charge.  This fee waiver is only available until the member in transition is employed by either the public or private sector.



This constitution shall be in full force and effect after its approval by a majority of those present at the annual business meeting. It may likewise be amended or modified by a majority of those present at the annual business meeting.

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