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Conference Registration

Payment Options

Fall Conference

The cost for the UCMA Fall Conference is $30 for members of the UCMA organization, and $60 for those that are not members. Graduate students and faculty are invited to attend the conference at no charge.

You can pay your registration fee one of two ways: 1) online or 2) by mailing in the payment. Your conference registration information has already been sent to Owen Jackson from the information you entered on the previous page.

Pay Online:
If you wish to pay online, click the button below. You will be directed to a secure webpage, hosted by a partner of Zions Bank. Your payment information will be sent directly to Owen Jackson and he will match your online payment with your online registration. Be sure to include the correct total in your payment amount. 

Click Here To Pay

Pay by Check:
If you wish to pay by check, please remit your check to Owen Jackson at the address below. You do not need to send in a printed registration page. Your information from the previous page has already been emailed to Owen.

Attn: Owen Jackson, City of Saratoga Springs
1307 N Commerce Dr.
Suite 100
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

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